“Ilu valus, valu ilus” teosed on olnud isikunäitusena üleval Põhjala tehase galeriis, juuni 2021 ; valitud teosed Põhjala tehase kunstnike aastalõpunäitusel, detsember 2021 ; Staapli 3 kunstigaleriis Noblessneris, märts 2022.

“There’s beauty in pain.

Pain is our comforter.

It’s our reminder

that we are alive!”

“The bravest thing

she ever did

was to stay alive each day.”

“Growing through pain

makes you realize

that you are stronger

than you ever thought

you could be …”

“The thing is, the only

real sign of life is growth.

And growth requires pain.

So to choose life

is to accept pain”

“They tried

to burn her

not knowing

she was a flame..”

“You call it hope-

that fire of fire!

It is but

agony of desire.”